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“The best night out I have ever had” (Happy punter)

Yellow Goose Dance was formed in 2016 by bandleader and songwriter Phil Russell, veteran singer/guitarist of many bands, now determined to write songs he wanted to dance to. He gathered together musicians of all ages and from all genres to create a dance band for modern times, and Yellow Goose was born. Their first gig was in a bandstand in a park for a mental health charity, and from there they have played in a range of venues, large and small, across the North East of England for parties, dance events and festivals.

“Yellow Goose Dance are a musically inventive,  stylistically eclectic, immensely entertaining and danceable band. All this and educational too!” Pete Gillon, Promoter, The Puzzle Hall

From the outset they have worked hand-in-hand with specialist Latin, Swing or Ballroom dance teachers to teach simple dance steps in a range of styles as an integral part of their set. The result is a room full of people strutting a Charleston, bopping a Jive, gyrating their their hips to a Salsa or Cha-Cha or waving their arms to an infectious Samba. The songs are all original, quirky yet accessible, with surprisingly profound yet uplifting lyrics. Above all, highly danceable. With or without a dance teacher, you are bound to have a night to remember.

The underbelly of the band is the rhythm section, drummer Tom Merry & bass player Mathew (Suggy) Sugden. Honestly, if there was nobody else playing you still wouldn’t be able to resist dancing. Add guitar and ukulele, subtly interchanging to build the melodic middle. Layer in the vocals with the sweet tones of Jess Baker, the glitzy baritone of Sean Leonard, then the fruity harmonies of Phil Russell. Finally sprinkle the stardust of the soaring horn section, Rob Crisp on alto sax, James Wood on tenor sax. We guarantee you will be on the dance floor in seconds. As we like to say, be prepared to find your hips.

"Yellow Goose Dance were a real highlight of our Summer in the Courtyard season at Lawrence Batley Theatre. They were great at getting everyone up and dancing; feel good music to create a brilliant atmosphere!" Olivia Race, LBT