Community is it.

Community is central to what we do, connecting people through music and dance. During the pandemic we missed playing music together really badly, and we missed the joy of a room full of people laughing and dancing together. As soon as it was possible to meet again we started doing so as a smaller group, outside at first but more recently indoors. The songs work really well with just three voices, and acoustic guitar and/or ukulele, sometimes with a sax and some percussion too.

We are now keen to offer this smaller version of the band for the benefit of all beings, and in particular for smaller events that promote the kinds of causes we believe in and support people who maybe find it more difficult to access mainstream events. If you are launching a community orchard, responding to the climate emergency, working with hearing or sight impaired people, learning disabilities, starting a repair shop, or you just want a party in your living room do please get in touch and we will try and work out how we can help.

In fact if you have any ideas about how Yellow Goose, large or small, can help your community, we want to hear them.

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