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YELLOW GOOSE DANCE Yellow Goose Dance brings you 7 of the regions finest musicians playing a unique blend of infectiously rhythmic tunes, sweet vocal harmonies, rock solid beats and sizzling horns, playing a range of Latin & Ballroom musical styles including Samba, Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Charleston, Foxtrot, Waltz. Sometimes they come with a live dance teacher, but this time out it’s just the music. Do the dance or do your own thing. Dress fancy and wear slippery shoes. Be prepared to find your hips. What they say …. "The best night out I have EVER had" FOWL Hugh Nankivell and Graham Browning are Fowl. In March this year they released their lockdown album Humankindweed, a collection of songs written and produced entirely remotely. They sing about Weeds, Holes, Humans, and Mountains, they play moon guitars, toy keyboards and scissors, and they have a sound entirely their own. They will be joined in Huddersfield by Richard Evans. Ben McCabe and Dean Brodrick. Praise for Fowl’s lockdown album Humankindweed: I absolutely love it… 'Humankind' could be a Ray Davies song in a parallel universe…unique and special. Dave Gregory (XTC) A beautiful, deep work of art … Humankind manages to bring together all of the strengths of the project in one distilled song - it is my favourite lockdown song from this hellish plague we have lived through. Blake Leyh (film composer/sound designer incl HBO’s ‘The Wire’)

  • Date: 19/12/2021 14:21
  • Location Small Seeds, Huddersfied (Map)

Price: £5